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Students training on a small diameter pipe Students training on a large diameter pipe What is the purpose of this course?

This course meets the training requirements of the OSHA Asbestos Construction Standard and EPA NESHAP regulations for removing asbestos asphalt coated pipe wrap. It trains asbestos asphalt coated pipe wrap removal personnel and supervisors to effectively remove this material intact on job sites. If the asbestos asphalt coated pipe wrap is non-intact or becomes substantially non-intact, this training will not meet OSHA's requirements for Asbestos Class II competent persons.

How can I arrange to hold the course at my facility?

If you have a number of students, we can arrange to hold the courses at your location. Just contact us over the phone at 440-942-1200, or through the form below, and we will provide a quote.

Information for on-site courses


Contact Person

Training Location & Times Requested

6 1/2 hours are required for this course

What do I need to do to have a course at my facilities?

Feel free to contact TSI with any questions about this information

  1. Contact TSI for a quote. Agree to the class and verify the course schedule with TSI.
  2. Schedule students.
    • Class times usually planned for 8AM - 2:30PM unless otherwise arranged and confirmed with TSI.
  3. Provide a classroom with tables, chairs, electricity, and a screen or large white wall area to project our slideshow.
    • Room should be large enough to seat each student comfortably at a table using a classroom or U-shaped arrangement.
    • A table or AV cart will be needed in front of the screen or projection surface for TSI projectors, computer, and speakers.
  4. Provide a space large enough for hands-on sessions. This can be a separate area from where the classroom session is conducted and outside on days without bad weather.
  5. Arrange to have sections of pipe with coal tar wrap at the training for hands-on activities. We plan to divide the class up into groups of 3-4 students each and have each group remove the wrap from 1' sections of pipe. We can bring 1-2 braces to hold 4-5' sections of pipe.
  6. We recommend providing donuts/morning snacks and coffee. Lunch would be a nice touch unless students bring their own. We also recommend a lot of sugar and caffeine be provided for the students.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Linda Robinson

Doug Schafer

We look forward to working with you!